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This could happen to any fuel dispensing operation.

Jakul owned several local c-stores with fueling operations attached. 2017 should have been a great year for him and his family business. Instead, he was staring at the attorney’s letters on his desk.



Things to consider as we all move into 2018.

Our industry landscape is changing quickly and the old familiar equipment, fuels, energy sources, compliance regulations and technology is quickly becoming “the way we used to do things”.

by Richard Browne


This article originally appeared in CSP Magazine, December 2017

A checklist to help retailers decide when they should invest in new pumps

A year ago, people were smiling at the thought of postponing their EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) pump investment until 2020. Now we have more than 2 million U.S. retail locations accepting EMV, and two-thirds of Visa cards are chip-enabled.

by Chris Santy



C-Store Operators may miss out on 2017 tax savings if they don’t act soon.  
None of us can dispute the fact that lots is changing in Washington these days.  One area that’s getting a lot of discussion through the fall is changes to the tax code.  For fuel retailers, these changes may have an impact on your future cash flows and current tax savings.  

by Jim Raupp

authorscreen1 Jim Raupp  

There are strong possibilities that some of us will be out of power for an extended period and using portable generators. Here are 4 IMORTANT SAFETY TIPS for your GENERATOR to everyone about using a generator.  Please keep these  

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