Our Mission and Values

We are committed to delivering the highest-quality products, services and professional solutions for our clients' fluid-handling needs.
We will market our services, installation projects and equipment at a fair and competitive price to achieve a reasonable profit for our company and its shareholders while fostering a growing, productive atmosphere for our employees.
We will always be mindful of our obligation to protect and safeguard our environment and our employees and be responsible individuals in our industry and the communities in which we serve.
GFT remains in growth mode and is actively pursuing strategic opportunities to expand our market leadership position for petroleum equipment, services, solutions and construction.
Guardian is adding more branches to our petroleum fueling, products and services tree, which means better services for you.

Core Values

Hire and develop great people.
(It’s the most important thing we can do.) Decentralize and empower them to make decisions, but balance this to take advantage of our strengths.

Stay close to our customers.
Listen to them, understand what they need and provide services beyond their expectations.

Pursue excellence in everything we do.
It helps make customers & employees happy and gives real meaning to life.

Be humble.
It helps keep an open mind, a caring attitude, and respect for others.

Run lean.
And spend wisely to achieve our goals.
Be a team player.
Teams are much more powerful than individuals.

Keep it simple.
Focus on results (satisfying customers) Not on complicated processes. This will be especially important as we grow.

Employ good judgment.
It builds precious credibility.

Consider the future.
Invest in people, training and technology while keeping a caring eye on the customer and the industry.

Be flexible and open to new ideas and change.
Question established practices in search of finding the best way to complete the job. Strive for continual improvement each day.

Guardian Fueling Technologies is YOUR Premiere Fueling Technology Partner