Convenience store owners improve customer experience with Insite360 Forecourt solution

Convenience store owners improve customer experience and maintenance effectiveness with Insite360 Forecourt solution – remotely resolving up to 30% of dispenser issues.

Erwin Oil Company and Guardian Fueling Technologies utilize Insite360 Forecourt to remotely manage the customer’s Encore dispensers, gaining increased dispenser uptime, faster response times for error conditions and lower overall maintenance costs. Guardian Fueling Technologies is monitoring and maintaining the sites through Guardian Connect, the company’s cloud-based service center located in Tampa, FL. Guardian Connect has been rapidly connecting customer’s sites to manage exceptions and response to pre-determined customer specific performance criteria. This real-time oversight by industry professionals dramatically improves response and restoration times in the forecourt and improves a retailer’s ability to deliver a positive customer experience.

Insite360 Forecourt, a remote fuel dispenser software solution designed for Gilbarco Encore dispensers, addresses the critical need of convenience store owners to understand the status of their fueling equipment at any time. Immediate accessibility to the forecourt equipment condition enables the service provider to act quickly on equipment driven customer satisfaction issues to ensure a retailer’s brand promise is fulfilled. Popular conditions monitored include dispenser flow rates, card reader status, error codes and printer paper out notifications.

“Historically we’ve had to either have our store clerks stop serving customers to check pump status, or wait for a customer to come in-store and alert us to these conditions,” said Greg Erwin, Vice-President of Erwin Oil Company, “we now have the ability for our service provider to proactively address the issue which allows our staff to focus on their main job of customer service.”

Additional functionality includes the ability to remotely update dispenser CRIND software, review key dispenser settings such as blend ratios, and understand what version of equipment is on each site.

“With the emergence of EMV and other software applications on the pump, we see strong value in enabling remote updates to enable sites to stay current with the latest security and operating software versions” said Ryan Mossman, Senior Director at Insite360, a Gilbarco Veeder Root company. “By updating software remotely, sites avoid dispenser downtime, customer inconvenience and the cost of an on-site service visit.”

Users of Insite360 Forecourt are currently experiencing remote fix and download rates that are enabling up to 30% of on-site technician visits to be avoided, increasing pump availability for fueling customers and controlling site operating costs.

INSITE360 Forecourt is available to work with Gilbarco Encore dispensers.



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