Succeeding in a Consumer Driven Environment

The expression “the customer is always right” couldn’t be any truer than it is today. Today’s consumer has an endless supply of goods and options for services at their fingertips.

From buying groceries to household pets, to finding a sitter for the same pet, we live in an environment where customers expect to receive instant gratification.

Ten years ago, when you wanted to watch a television show, TV networks told you what time and where to be to enjoy their product. This is no longer the case.

We are quickly approaching a time when consumers will demand and expect any product or service to be delivered anywhere, at any time.

Understanding this new dynamic between the consumer and the service provider is key to succeeding in any industry. Companies must evolve or risk becoming irrelevant. Ask Blockbuster how that worked out for them. There is still one location of theirs in Oregon you can call.

Companies that are successful have incorporated technology into their offerings, making it easier for customers to find what they are looking for, combined with great customer service. For tips on great customer service, click on the link to read our blog on customer service:

It’s the balance of convenience and loyalty that will bring your customers back and attract new ones. The more time you save them, the more loyal they will be as customers. This requires diligence by those of us in the service industry. Providing responses to customer questions,(even when we don’t want to), and yes,responding to complaints, whether it is via email or a Social Media post on your company’s page, provides them the satisfaction that they have at least been heard, even if you cannot instantly solve their problem.

At FuelGuard, when our customers contact us, it is often a stressful situation for them that they need solved as soon as possible. Common examples include a gas station owner’s fuel not pumping due to contamination, or a facility manager’s back-up generator not working when needed the most.

Our goal is not only to solve their problem in the moment, but to establish a partnership that can prevent issues in the future. Customers always have another option for service, it is important as a company to understand that, and to bring long-term value to our customers.

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