Guardian Fueling Technologies is pleased to present the 2020 Training Schedule.  All training courses are held at our state-of-the-art facility in Sanford, Florida.


Inside this document you will find registration and class preparation instructions, along with course descriptions and prerequisite requirements. Classes are filled on a “first come, first served” basis. For course availability you may contact the registrar by e-mail: 


For questions concerning classes, please call (407) 321-0130 #O.  If we are unable to take your call, please leave a message and we will return your call shortly. 

Please ask about our discounts for multiple students attending the same class at the same time. On-site and remote training programs are also available. 

Important: Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Wise-LMS (Learning Management Suite) no longer exists. Wise-LMS has been replaced with Saba-LMS. Any Gilbarco, Veeder-Root, Gasboy and Red Jacket related Certification & Recertification courses will be handled through Saba whether it is a Web-Based or Instructor-Led.

Link to Saba:

There are 2 Saba User Training links:

1.SabaTechnician User Training (4.5 min long) 03341

2. Saba Admin/Service Manager User Training (9.75 min long ) 03343


Veeder-Root Course
Level 1 Installation

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the API Safety Course and Level 1 Home Study Course. Mandatory console web-based training will be assigned prior to attending class.


Note: It is the responsibility of the companies admin/service manager to register and pay for their technicians for access into the API Safety Course and Level-1 thru Saba website.

The Home Study Course can be purchased thru Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s new training website called SABA. If you already have a profile created within Saba, simply go to and sign in or if you DO NOT have a profile created in Saba, please SIGN UP for one.

If you have any Saba-related questions, please contact the GVR Technical Training Department at or 336-547-5743.   

ATG Certification Start-Up and Service
4 days (Including TLS-350, TLS-450, TLS-450PLUS & TLS4i/c) = $1,600.00

Veeder-Root ATG Certification Course 2020 Schedule:
Monday, 1/27 - Friday, 1/30 (4-Days)
Monday, 3/23 - Friday, 3/26 (4-Days) 
Monday, 5/18 - Friday, 5/21 (4-Days)
Tuesday 7/13 -  Thursday, 7/16 (4-Days)
Monday, 8/24 - Thursday, 8/27 (4-Days)

Subjects covered in this class are listed below:

Startup and Service Procedures
Installation Review
Diagnostic Troubleshooting
Automatic Tank Gauge Operation
Tank Testing
Hands-On Programming
Business Inventory Reconciliation (BIR)
Software Capabilities
MAG Probe & Sensor Installation, Operation, and Troubleshooting
Electronic Line Leak Detection includes PLLD and WPLLD

ATG Recertification

Prerequisite: This class is required 24 months after successful completion of the ATG Certification course, for re-certification purposes.  In order to register for the Veeder-Root ATG re-certification course, you must go through SABA and locate the course, and register.  Course cost: $225.00

Gilbarco Dispensing Course

Dispensing Systems Course
5.5 Day Hands-On= $2,700.00 / Gilbarco ASC/Distributor= $2,500.00

Prerequisite: Completion of Saba web based Dispensing Systems Pre-Course and API Safety Course.  Completion of web based portion of the Dispensing Systems course.  Mandatory web based training will be assigned prior to attending class. All students must have Gilbarco Extranet Access, and plan on homework nightly.

Note: It is the responsibility of the companies Admin/Service Manager to register their technicians into the API Safety and Dispensing Pre-Course ($300.00) thru Saba web-site. The API Safety Course is $55.00. 

Purchases can be made through Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s new Training Web-Site called SABA. Simply go to and Sign-In if you already have a profile created within SABA or SIGN-UP if you DO NOT have a profile created in SABA.

If you have any Saba related questions, please contact the Technical Training Department at or 336-547-5743.   

Gilbarco Dispensing Systems Class 2020 Schedule:
Monday, 2/10 - Saturday, 2/15 (5.5 Days) 
Monday, 4/6- Saturday, 4/11 (5.5 Days)
Monday, 6/1 - Saturday, 6/6 (5.5 Days)
Monday, 7/27 - Saturday, 8/1 (5.5 Days) 
Monday, 9/14 - Saturday, 9/19 (5.5 Days) 
Monday, 10/12 - Saturday, 10/17 (5.5 Days)
Monday, 11/9 - Saturday,11/13 (5.5 Days)
Monday, 12/14 - Saturday,12/19 (5.5 Days)

Subjects in this class include the following:

Web Based-Training
Payment Security for Dispensers
Laptop Programming and Event log training
Filters, Strainers, and Valves   
Start-up and Service   Dispenser Programming   
Pumping Units
DEF & Ultra High
Lon and Node operation
Fixed and Programmable Blenders
Encore 500 w/Crind Node & EPP
Encore 700 Flexpay II Crind Electronics & Programming
Component and Board Functions
Encore 700 Flexpay IV Crind Electronics & Programming
Applause Media, Flex Connect V2

Gilbarco Passport Class

Passport Point of Sale System   
5 Day Hands-On = $2600.00 / Gilbarco ASC/Distributor= $2400.00


Prerequisite: Completion of Saba web based Passport Pre-Course and API Safety Course.  Passport pre-course is free.

Note: It is the responsibility of the companies Admin/Service Manager to register their technicians into the API Safety and Passport Pre-Course thru the Saba web-site. These courses can be purchased thru Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s new Training Website called SABA.

Simply go to and sign-In if you already have a profile created with Saba.

If you DO NOT have an account with Saba, you will need to SIGN UP for one.  If you have any Saba related questions, please contact the Technical Training Department at or 336-547-5743. 

This Passport POS Course/Class price includes LMS (web based portion) fees and literature used during the class. Mandatory web based training will be assigned prior to attending class. All students must have Gilbarco Extranet Access.  Students should  plan on homework assignments during the course of the class, to be completed after class hours. 

Passport POS Classes 2020 Schedule:

Monday, 1/13 - Friday, 1/17/ (5-Days) 
Monday, 3/9 - Friday, 3/13 (5-Days) 
Monday, 5/4 - Friday, 5/8 (5-Days) 
Monday, 6/15 - Friday, 6/19 (5-Days) 
Monday, 8/10 - Friday, 8/14 (5-Days)
Monday, 9/28 - Friday, 10/2 (5-Day)
Monday, 10/26 - Friday, 10/30 (5-Days)

Monday, 11/30 - Friday, 12/4 (5-Days)


Subjects in this class include the following:

Passport POS Overview
Web-Base Training
Physical Passport POS Breakdown, Set-up and Installation
Passport Site Survey and Checklist 
Re-imaging Passport Combo/Server, Client and Enhanced Dispenser Hub/EDH

 Passport tools (Software CD's, Software Jump Drives, Installation, Service and Start-up Manuals)
 Passport and EDH Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
 Hands on Programming Forecourt, Departments, PLU's, Network, Peripherals, Secured Router

Laptop Requirement

It is required that all technicians show up to class with a working laptop computer (Not a new fresh computer out of the box) to include the following 

  • ​Full Administrative Rights

  • JAVA Already Loaded and Tested

  • Windows 10 (Windows 7 Expires January 2020)

  • USB to Serial Convertor with Driver Already Loaded and Device Tested

  • Gilbarco Extranet Access (Note: User and Password are Different than Saba Web Page) Must Verify Access Prior to Class

  • Web Browsers Already Set-up and Working (Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11) Do NOT USE EDGE Browser


Technicians employed by Gilbarco/Veeder-Root Authorized Service Contractors (ASCs), and Customer Specified Contractors, (CSCs), are eligible to attend.  Other technicians may attend with District Sales Manager and Area Service Manager Approval. Call if you are not sure of your status.

1. Complete registration form >Training Registration
2. Ensure prerequisites are fulfilled.
3. Include tuition.
4. Mail to the address listed on the Registration Form.

COURSE AVAILABILITY – If a course is full or postponed, you will be contacted by the Training Department. We need a minimum of 3 students to present a class.

Payment must be included with the registration form.  Fax or phone registration will not be accepted.  (E-mail registrations are accepted). 

Make checks payable to: Guardian Fueling Technologies. 

Send to: Guardian Fueling Technologies
Training Department 351 Central Park Drive Sanford, Fl. 32771

CANCELLATION POLICY – The Training Department must be notified, and will notify companies of students, at least two weeks in advance of the course to receive a refund of tuition and cannot be held responsible for penalties incurred by airline ticket cancellation or schedule changes.

Class Preparation:

DAILY SCHEDULE – Classes begin at 8:00 a.m. each day and end at 4:30 p.m. There are no classes on Saturday or Sunday. Homework will be assigned daily and it will include both written and reading assignments. Be prepared for on-line homework after class!

WHAT TO BRING – Small hand tools (pliers, screwdrivers & nutdrivers or small socket set) and a volt/ohm meter will be required. Students need to be prepared to carry home several large technical manuals and notebooks. Lock out/ Tag out kits and Static Straps are required for Veeder- Root and Gilbarco classes!!!

EXPENSES – You are responsible for all expenses including meals, transportation and lodging.

RECOMMENDED ATTIRE – We suggest business attire that is suitable for sitting and walking. You are required to wear long pants (no shorts) and closed-toed shoes.  NO TEE-SHIRTS, NO SHORTS OR FLIP-FLOPS.

HOTEL RESERVATIONS – Students attending our classes must make their own hotel reservations.  Call at least 2 weeks prior to checking in. We have excellent rates with the Springhill Suites Sanford near the Training Center.  There are also other hotels in the area. The Springhill Suites phone number is (407) 995-1000.



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